Meet Linti

Linti is designed for anyone on the go.

Whether you're on your way to a big meeting, seeing family or friends, or out on a Saturday night... Linti fits perfectly into your pocket, bag or briefcase and is the best way to get rid of any hair or lint ruining your outfit.

When you've finished all 30 sticky sheets it's quick and easy to insert our refills.

Its removable cover keeps it clean so you can use it for longer and its super sticky sheets remove the maximum lint and hair from your clothing.

Step 1


Unscrew and remove cover.

Step 2


Screw cover onto the base to form handle.

Step 3


For first use, remove protective paper. Roll the sticky surface over fabric to remove fluff and hair.

Step 4


Tear off used sheet and replace cover ready for your next use.

Linti Montage

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